Big Daddy Colony

Avondale Kittens are Ready for their Close-Ups

We brought the kittens from the Avondale TNR Project to PAWS Chicago for their second round of vaccinations. They ended up needing a little more vetting than that.   These kittens are hilarious. Robin has been fostering them and keeping track of their shenanigans. She sent us photos, and I couldn’t tell them apart. I… Read more »

All Six Avondale Kittens Are Ready for Second Round of Vaccines

Robin F. has been fostering the six kittens trapped from the Avondale TNR Project ever since they were first brought to PAWS Chicago’s clinic.   We are so grateful to have her as a foster and her expertise in socializing! The kittens have come a long way since being born in an old garage in Avondale…. Read more »

Sick and Injured Avondale Cat Now Vetted and in Foster Home

Reese is one of the 17 cats and kittens trapped so far and from the Avondale TNR Project. Six kittens are in foster care, and most of the adults were TNR’d. There are many more cats outside there.   Reese was pretty relaxed outside. When Reese came back from the clinic he slept in the… Read more »

Thanks to Robin for Fostering the Avondale Kittens!

Robin F. agreed to foster and socialize all six of the kittens from the Avondale TNR Project that were trapped last week.   Joann spent Memorial Day picking up the kittens from the clinic and dropping them straight off to Robin. The photos are just now starting to trickle in. First up is this adorable… Read more »

More Kittens from the Avondale TNR Project

Today we watched this mama cat move her kittens around from an abandoned garage, to outside of a basement, and back again.  Joann and I talked to the restaurant owner who feeds the cats, other neighbors, and the grocery store owner where some of the kittens are now. There are estimates of up to 12 kittens within… Read more »

Introducing the Big Daddy Colony: TNR in Avondale

Kim and Joann trapped last week with great success: fifteen cats and kittens trapped so far, and there’s a lot more.   Kim reached out to me this year about her neighborhood. Joann and Kim started trapping and working through her area in Avondale last week.   Kim trapped two kittens and a male feral cat. Once… Read more »

Helping a Caregiver with Feral Cat Colony Management

Caring for feral cat colonies means continuing to TNR any new intact cats that show up. That’s the basis of colony management for all caregivers.   Kim V. has been caring for her Big Daddy Colony in Avondale for years. She TNR’d about a dozen cats there so far. Most of them hang out in… Read more »

How to Trap Specific Cats from a TNR’d Colony

Some cats will go in traps over and over again. When you need to trap specific cats from your colony for TNR or for ongoing medical care, it’s easier to have a trap set for every cat you may have.   When you trap your TNR’d cats that don’t need to be taken to the clinic, you… Read more »