Sick and Injured Avondale Cat Now Vetted and in Foster Home

Reese is one of the 17 cats and kittens trapped so far and from the Avondale TNR Project. Six kittens are in foster care, and most of the adults were TNR’d. There are many more cats outside there.   Reese was pretty relaxed outside. When Reese came back from the clinic he slept in the… Read more »

TNR Outreach at the 606 Block Party

It takes a village to make TNR work. Cats In My Yard demonstrated how to TNR cats and distributed information on how to help outdoor stray animals at the 606 Block Party in Humboldt Park.   We set up in the 1st Ward Alderman’s booth. Alderman Moreno is a supporter of TNR and reaching out to the community. Thank you to the… Read more »

How Does Your Feral Garden Grow?

Funny Face is napping the day away in my yard. A few weeks ago I planted seeds for a butterfly and hummingbird garden on the left, and a wildflower garden on the right. Both are a seed mixture of annual and perennial flowers. The rain brought a carpet of green that will hopefully grow into… Read more »

How to Trap Specific Cats from a TNR’d Colony

Some cats will go in traps over and over again. When you need to trap specific cats from your colony for TNR or for ongoing medical care, it’s easier to have a trap set for every cat you may have.   When you trap your TNR’d cats that don’t need to be taken to the clinic, you… Read more »

Finding Nico, the Lost Declawed Cat

Nico, a long-haired declawed pet cat, ran out of his home on February 20th. Two weeks later I saw the lost cat fliers his owner, Katarina, put out in our neighborhood. Not only was Nico more in danger because he was declawed, but also because Katarina had moved into the neighborhood just two weeks before… Read more »

TNA = Trap, Neuter, Adopt, Yoshimi Has a New Home

Sonia trapped Yoshimi and got her admitted into Felines & Canines. I posted Yoshimi’s story last week, and then she was adopted the next day. She was at Felines & Canines for just 10 days before she found her new forever home.   Sonia has been caring for Yoshimi outside since last summer. Sonia is moving… Read more »

Update on the Injured Englewood Cat: Maxfield is on the Mend!

Maxfield discovered the upper “bedroom” level of his feral recovery lounge a day after I set him up in the crate.   He is recovering from a deep neck wound treated since last week. He’s supposed to be kept confined at least 7-10 days to make sure infection doesn’t set in. So far he’s doing great… Read more »

Wound Treatment and Recovery for Feral Cats

Maxfield was trapped in Englewood this week and brought into PAWS Chicago’s clinic for their TNR package. They found a horrific wound on his neck.   Georgie from Chicago TNR and Cynthia trapped about a dozen cats in this particular alley so far. Maxfield was one of them, and the clinic discovered his injury while under anesthesia for… Read more »