James’ Gang Colony

Feral Cats in the Fall

Ever since Dice’s death last week the cats in my yard were not acting the same. Although Bouncy Bear was around constantly hoping for wet food, Dash and Funny Face disappeared for awhile. Funny Face was quite bonded to Dice so I worried about him.   This week the colony cats seem to have regrouped and… Read more »

Feral Flowers Delivery for Tonight’s TNR Fundraiser

The blooms for tonight’s Feral Flowers Design Class and TNR Talk are harvested and ready for delivery. I am so excited to meet everyone tonight at this sold out class at Forget Me Knodt, and celebrate National Feral Cat Day.   Despite the rain, Bouncy Bear kept coming out to see what was going on and what… Read more »

RIP Dice

I took Dice, one of the cats in my yard, to the vet today to be euthanized. We are heartbroken.   Dice was the quintessential feral tom cat. He showed up in my yard at the beginning of 2009, and I trapped him easily and quickly that January. Here he is right after his TNR… Read more »

Feral Cat Recovery Crate

When feral cats get sick for extended periods of time you need to provide extra space for them to recover safely and humanely. I’ve run into that situation a few times this past year, and the Feral Cat Recovery Cage has been a lifesaver, literally, for the cats. My TNR friend, Dave H, invented this set-up, and… Read more »

Recommending a Full Service Cat Sitter: Mama Bear Pet Care

Going out of town when you have multiple cats can be stressful. Not only are there pet cats to care for, sometimes with medical needs, but there can also be foster cats, sick feral cats resting in recovery lounge crates, and outdoor cat colonies.   Greer from Mama Bear Pet Care handles all of the… Read more »

Flower Design and TNR Class with Forget Me Knodt

Forget Me Knodt hosts sold out flower design classes all year at her shop. In celebration of National Feral Cat Day and our summer-long Feral Flowers Project, Janessa from Forget Me Knodt will teach a class on how to design with blooms specifically from our garden, including zinnias, cosmos, allium and solidago arranged in mason jars. Each… Read more »

Cat Colonies that Cuddle Together

I woke up today and it felt like fall. The animals felt it also.   My senior lady indoor cats Mini and Mooha put aside their lifelong feud of matriarchal jealousy and territorial domination, and snuggled up together on the bed.   Seriously. This is how they snuggle. If they got any closer they’d be hissing and… Read more »

Growing the First Crop of Feral Flowers

Once the garden started growing, there was no stopping it.   I was very excited. This was my first attempt at being a Flower Farmer and I did not know what to expect. These Feral Flowers were grown specifically to be cut and available for purchase at my friend Janessa’s Forget Me Knodt flower shop. All… Read more »

Growing the Feral Flowers Garden

Once I planted the Feral Flowers Garden it was time to hurry up and wait.   The perennial plants around the Feral Villa were already growing strong. The cutting flowers garden is all organic and planted straight in the ground from seed. All it took was lots of spring rain, careful weeding and transplanting, and… Read more »

Feral Cats and Flowers are the Purrfect Match

Blogging in my garden today is pure bliss. I’d like to share the Feral Flowers Project from the beginning.   Summer is my favorite season, especially since we converted the backyard into a full garden. Every year I like to change it up and experiment. You can see the different garden configurations we’ve tried on… Read more »