James’ Gang Colony

Tips on Cleaning the Outdoor Cat Shelters for Winter

This is the time of year where my garage gets taken over by outdoor cat houses. This year we’re making another colony cat house for the cats in my yard. We also bought heating pads for all three shelters. In addition, I’m cleaning out all the cat shelters and adding new straw for their bedding,… Read more »

Do I Look Like Lil Bub Now?

Dash does his best Lil Bub impersonation in honor of her visit to Chicago this week. What do you think?    

Feral Cat Myth #1: Cats Live Short, Miserable Lives Outdoors

Out of all the myths about cats, the myth that feral cats live short, miserable lives outdoors is the one that drives me crazy the most. It is pretty much why I started this blog. This blog chronicles the lives of the feral cat colonies that I TNR, trap-neuter-return, and continue to care for with… Read more »

The TNR of Puffy the Feral Cat

Remember Puffy McWonder Tail? Well, I trapped him Saturday night, and took him to PAWS Chicago for his TNR Treatment on Sunday.  I named him well, because he was pissy, hissy, huffy and puffy the entire time. He would not stop lunging or growling every time he heard me or saw me peek under the… Read more »

A New Cat In My Yard To Be TNR’d

I have a new cat visiting my yard! It’s been awhile. The current line-up of my James’ Gang Colony was established when I TNR’d Honey Bouncy Bear in May 2011. So far the cats have been pretty accepting of this new visitor. He’s been coming the last few weeks, starting late night, and moving on… Read more »

Kitten Season

Spring has sprung! To me this means the feral cats start going crazy and really enjoying themselves outside. We even named two of the cats in my yard Springy and Sprungy when we trapped them one April because we had no idea they existed. They just showed up late one night in our yard. Since… Read more »