James’ Gang Colony

Heating Pads, Food and Water Bowls All Plugged In

I’m out of extension cords. Here’s Dash enjoying fresh, clean, room-temperature water outside in sub-zero weather thanks to the magic of my outdoor outlets. There’s another heated water dish behind him with a bowl of wet food kept warm inside. You can see the electric cord running out of his cat house, connected to a… Read more »

Cat On My Compost Bin

Jim took this aerial view photo from our deck, standing above the cats in my yard. We’ve never seen Funny Face or any other cat sitting on the compost bin before.

The Latest in Feral Fashion: Thick Winter Coats

I thought it was really cold out today, but the James’ Gang Colony stayed true to feral form and were not cooped up in their three heated cat houses. Instead they lounged in the sun all day and showed off their thick winter coats. They only moved when I came out with more wet food… Read more »

Puffy is Getting Puffier and Puffier

Puffy McWonderTail started visiting my yard this past March, at the end of a mild but long winter. I TNR’d him, and he’s been coming back ever since, but as a truly feral cat. He shows up at dusk or night only, and leaves as soon as any human comes into the yard. Yesterday I… Read more »

Feral Cats are Opportunistic Feeders

Dice is done with breakfast and lounging on the catio in my yard. I love his lopsided ears! He could care less about the little bird eating amaranth seeds a few feet away. Feral cats are opportunistic feeders – they will eat whatever food is easiest to find. And the bird doesn’t seem very concerned… Read more »

Feral Feeding Station Keeps Cats Dry

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will keep Dice and Bouncy Bear from lining up at their outdoor cat feeding station right on schedule.  Maybe they’ll hang out together in the chiminea cat house next.  

When a Colony Cat Gets Adopted from Another Colony

This year I’ve had several cats visit other colony caregivers for food and shelter. Sometimes they stay to establish new colonies, and sometimes they get adopted, like Babalu and Star. Robert F. Cattedy first showed up in my yard this past June. He was a bold and beautiful tabby, and looked a lot like my… Read more »

Monorail Cats In My Yard

When we let our indoor pet cats out to explore the garden, we put up a screened fence to keep them from leaving the yard. But it doesn’t stop the outdoor colony cats from coming into my yard. Bouncy Bear and Dice line up like monorail cats.