James’ Gang Colony

Another Outdoor Cat Path

I was certain that I shoveled out all the cat paths around my house, but paw prints don’t lie. These cat tracks in the snow in my front yard show what I missed. I love how the cats step in each other’s paw prints again and again. Feral cats can survive the colder temperatures as… Read more »

The Feral Villa is Now a Possum Villa

I’ve had the Feral Villa in my yard for years now. The outdoor cats have always loved it, and it’s proven to be so popular in my yard that our band named our last album after it. This year I upgraded the villa and installed an outdoor heating pad. The pads are activated by body… Read more »

The Cat and the Opossum

I went outside and almost screamed because I mistook the opossum for Bouncy Bear near their feral cat feeding station. OK, I know they don’t really look alike, but it was dark and they were close together by the food and they’re both grey and white. And he also hissed at me because I’m sure I… Read more »

Polar Cat Vortex

“What is going on out here? IS IT OVER YET?” “Are you sure you want to know? I really recommend that you stay in my yard.”

Shoveling for the Colony Cats

We got a foot of snow dumped on us this week. We shoveled out the cat paths so they have easier access to their shelters and food bowls. Here’s Dash acting coy and enjoying the easy route. Temperatures have also dropped dramatically and the outdoor cats are not eating as much wet food. They don’t… Read more »

Apparently the Catio is Never Closed

Here is Funny Face enjoying the snow and driving me crazy because he decided to sit under the bench in the catio rather than use one of the heated cat shelters in my yard. 

Feral Cats Enjoying the Sunshine

Last night the James’ Gang Colony feral cats feasted on holiday ham and chicken. Today they stayed in my yard and followed the sun.