James’ Gang Colony

Stealth Trapping: Setting Out Traps 24/7

I’ve had traps set outside in hidden locations non-stop since Monday night. I call this “stealth trapping.”   This is when you set out traps 24-hours a day and see if you get any “surprises.” My TNR friend Bruno calls this “fishing for cats.”   With stealth trapping you leave the traps unattended, but they are… Read more »

Trapping Cats Without a Regular Feeding Schedule

Ever since the cat owners of the hoarder/drug house moved out at the end of June and dumped a bunch of cats outside I’ve been seeing the cats around the neighborhood. But it’s hard to keep track – some stayed near that house, and others roamed to find other feeders in our neighborhood.   I’m… Read more »

TNR Supplies

Jim cleaned and organized my TNR supplies in the garage last week while I was out of town on a work trip. I am a lucky, lucky woman to have him in my life.   First, he bought these shelves from Home Depot and set them all up.   The shelves fit most of the… Read more »

Funny Face In My Front Yard

It wasn’t enough for Funny Face to just supervise the Feral Flowers Garden in the back yard.   Today he decided to visit the front yard just as I was preparing to mow it. I wonder what he thought of this machine? Apparently not much. He went straight for the feeding station underneath my front… Read more »

Dice is Doing Great After His Dental

I love Dice’s grizzled feral face and lopsided ears. I think he is fully healed now from his URI, stomatitis, and dental (10 tooth extractions!) because his face is clean – he used to have black residue from his eyes and whatever else. He’s gained weight, also, and this silly boy still prefers dry food.

Why Is This Cat Food Bowl Empty?

The colony cats skipped dinner last night because of the rain. Dash could hardly wait for breakfast today and is wondering why this bowl is still empty.

Acclimating Cats to Traps

Here is Dice and Funny Face bonding for a looooooooooong time before their dinner for two in a Tru-Catch Trap that I kept zip-tied open for a few weeks. They’re so cute together – after their love fest, they both went in the opposite ends of the trap (at minute 1:25) to eat the food… Read more »

Cats048 – The Cats In My Yard Game!

We made a new game with the cats based on the super fun and addictive 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli. The game features cats that are currently in the James’ Gang Colony, and a few that have passed through the yard over the years. Can you beat my high score of 296,752???

The Animals Have to Eat Too

My neighbor watched me fill the outdoor cat bowls with food this morning. He said, “I hope the raccoons don’t come back this year.” I was put on the defense at first, explaining again how I put away the food at night, and I only put out enough for the cats. Last year we did… Read more »

Conditioning Cats to Feed in My Front Yard

Last fall I noticed a few new cats on my block. The cats in my yard try to keep them out. So I made a Rubbermaid bin cat shelter and feeding station underneath my front steps, hoping to condition the new cats to feed there. The cat shelter was definitely used by a new cat… Read more »