James’ Gang Colony

Feral Cat Colony Management 101

Covered feral cat feeding station? Check. Insulated feral cat shelter filled with straw? Check. Outdoor heated water bowl? Check. Ear tipped and TNR’d feral cats bonding over their love of wet cat food? Check.

Public Hearing on the Cook County TNR Ordinance

There is a public hearing to review the 2007 Managed Care of Feral Cats Ordinance scheduled for Tuesday, March 19th, 11:30am, at the Cook County building, 118 N. Clark St., room 569. The ordinance is to be reviewed because anti-cat groups such as the Chicago Audubon Society got the attention of Cook County Commissioner Larry… Read more »

A Road Well Traveled From the Alley to My Yard

I was so engrossed checking out cat paw prints around the neighborhood that I forgot to take a look at the path the James’ Gang Colony use for access to my own yard. This path is the gangway next to my garage. There are stepping stones along the path but I did not get a… Read more »

Occupy Feral Villa!

I’m not sure if the James’ Gang Colony is actually protesting anything. But they are definitely, and deliberately, ignoring me here. Dice and Funny Face, the boys on the roof, like to keep an eye on their escape route, while Bouncy Bear snuggles inside and keeps a close watch on their feral cat feeding station.

TNR’d Troika Include Canned Cat Food in List of Demands

Kriser’s gave another cat food donation to our pet food pantry this week to help feed the colony cats. This time it was cans of wet food from California Natural. If possible, colony cats should be fed wet food in the winter to help them bulk up on protein while staying hydrated. The James’ Gang… Read more »

Trap Neuter Recover Return

Last week I was talking to one of my favorite feral cat bloggers, Chicago Feral Cat Files, about feral cats who need extra recovery time after their TNR surgeries because they have other medical issues going on. Normally male feral cats can be returned outside after their surgery within 24 hours, and female cats can… Read more »

Clearing Out the Cat Paths

My James’ Gang Colony cats weren’t around much yesterday after it snowed. Today I shoveled out the cat paths in my yard and swept off the snow from their favorite sunning spots. They came right away. Cats need to stay dry in order to stay warm in the winter.

Cats In My Garden

Work has been flying me all over Florida this week and it is a reminder of how much I miss summer. In the summer, I am always outside in my backyard garden, and so are the feral cats in my yard that I care for, the James’ Gang Colony. Now I’m back in Chicago for… Read more »

How to Find a Home for a Friendly Stray Cat Outside

Thank you for wanting to help that cat! Alley Cat Allies offers expert advice on How to Find Homes for Stray Cats. Here is the full text in case you are having problems with the link: How to Find Homes for Stray Cats When caring for a feral cat colony and performing Trap-Neuter-Return, you are… Read more »