Cat Camouflage

You can hardly see Funny Face in my yard when it snows out. 

The Costs of Cat Colony Caregiving

There is a lot of invested time, effort and money needed to help the feral cat colonies. But I wanted to share the numbers here to show what can be done, that it’s not impossible, and to thank all of you again so much for your support. Also, I know there are people out there who… Read more »

Sunny Came in from the Cold and is Available for Adoption

Today I visited Berto’s feeder because she mentioned that another cat has been coming in their house the past three weeks, “ever since it got cold out.”   When I got there Elvira, his feeder, came out holding Sunny in her arms. Even though he is ear tipped, he is friendly and seems to want to be… Read more »

Berto is Available for Adoption

Berto is a friendly cat that ran right up to me while I was out for a run. He wanted pets and was still looking for food in this empty cat food can. A girl came out with her grandma and we talked about Berto for awhile. Her name is Elvira and she said her brother… Read more »

Thank You, Ben M., for Your Continued Support!

Ben M. surprised me this week with another generous donation. This time it was a holiday gift for his friend Jason T. who asked Ben to make a donation in his name to his favorite charity.    I’m floored. Thank you again.   Then we also figured out that we lived close to each other…. Read more »

Happy New Year for Woodrow!

Woodrow Whiskers became sick earlier this month and has been indoors with his feeder ever since. I took him to the vet multiple times and with antibiotics and pain medications, he seemed to get well quickly and enjoyed being indoors. His feeder took good care of him, but could not afford the vet care. Your donations… Read more »

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Cats In My Yard to all of you and the cats in YOUR yards!

Baby, It’s Warm Outside!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season as much as the colony cats!   This bonded pair of outdoor cats don’t even have to share a bed – it’s warm enough for them to spread out. I love the festive stairs. Funny Face is chillin’ in the chiminea. And the Villa.    

Please Donate and Help Cats Like Woodrow

My credit card company must think I like to travel only to eat bad airport food and then go to the vet and Petsmart all the time when I’m home. December has been insane and full on emergency mode when I’m in town on my days off from work. We TNReturned a colony, got seven kittens and… Read more »