The Five KFC Colony Kittens are Sick Again

The KFC Colony Kittens became sick again after moving foster homes. Their next admission appointment to PAWS Chicago is this Thursday.   In the meantime, they became sick with what was diagnosed as coccidia and upper respiratory infections –  URI. Their latest vet bill was $608.98. That’s in addition to their other bills of $187.78… Read more »

TNR’d Tabby Cats from the Kitchen Colony

There’s a few TNR’d tabby and tortie cats across the alley from the Kitchen Colony‘s feeding station.   They all strut around and show off their ear tips. Patrice TNR’d them years ago for their feeder, Ed. Some of them are friendly, and let me pet them. Of course they’re beautiful. All cats are beautiful…. Read more »

Kitten with a Broken Leg

When we first met Patrice at her colony site, she already had a litter of three kittens in foster care.   She pointed out their mother, Sally, to us. We were able to TNReturn Sally later that week.   Patrice had taken Sally’s kittens to her vet, Family Pet Animal Hospital. Vetting and boarding cost $420…. Read more »

Introducing the Kitchen Colony

The KFC Colony lost their home. The junkyard they hung out in is cleared out, and no one feeds there anymore.   The good news is that eight adult cats from there were adopted into indoor homes, and the five kittens are still being fostered now by Joann.   The other good news is that… Read more »

Looking for Fosters for the KFC Colony Kittens

The five kittens from the KFC Colony were scheduled to be admitted into PAWS Chicago today.   Unfortunately that didn’t happen because PAWS was concerned about a bald spot on Tater, the black kitten’s nose. They were concerned it was possibly from ringworm. Fingers crossed it isn’t actually ringworm. We think he rubbed it on… Read more »

TNA: Trap, Neuter, Adopt for the KFC Colony

When we first started TNR for the KFC Colony in their junkyard home, we didn’t know what to expect. Little did we expect that almost ALL of the cats were going to end up in indoor homes because almost all of the adult cats were friendly, and the kittens were young enough to be socialized.   It… Read more »

Kitten Costs

The kittens from the KFC Colony are adorable and doing well.   Whenever you are starting to TNR a new colony, usually kittens are involved. Vetting costs are almost always necessary and expensive when you are dealing with kittens.   When we first trapped and brought them inside, Tigger, the alpha male orange kitten’s eye… Read more »

Introducing the KFC Colony: Kittens!

Joann answered a plea on about kittens born in a junkyard. The person who posted wanted to do the right thing, even though he is not partial to cats, and his wife is allergic.   Yup, there were kittens.  Five of them total, all different colors: tortie, black, orange, brown tabby, and torbie, not pictured…. Read more »

RIP Buttercup

Buttercup was a tiny, FIV+ cat TNR’d from the Joyce Division Colony in March of 2011.   She was a hot mess from the beginning, but we were TNR’ing Joyce’s entire colony fast because some of the cats were already pregnant and brought her straight to the clinic. She was an adult cat who weighed only four pounds,… Read more »