Introducing the Carport Colony

Terri has been TNR’ing her backyard colony for a few years now. Currently there are about a half dozen TNR’d cats, but there are some newcomers.   She has a completely private, enclosed backyard where the cats have free reign, and shelter in her garage.   I’ve written about Terri before. This is her car…. Read more »

Welcome to My Yard, Paddy Cat!

Paddy showed up last week on my neighbor’s garage roof, taunting the cats in my yard. Seriously? My colony cats run off any newcomers from the backyard, which is why I started feeding in the front yard last year. And yup, I trapped Paddy two nights later. He was a Textbook TNR case, in and… Read more »

Introducing the Amadeus Colony

Maryann cared for the outdoor cats in her neighborhood for years. She brought in cats that needed help, vetted them, and adopted them out.   She has a photo album of her cat rescues. She told me stories of the cat that showed up with a wire wrapped tight around his leg. Thankfully, only two toes… Read more »

Setting Out Traps In Secret Locations

Some new cats were visiting my yard and the weather was mild so I decided to set out traps overnight. I call this stealth trapping, because sometimes this way you end up getting cats you didn’t even know existed.   I set out traps in my secret, secure locations that I sleuthed out over the… Read more »

Dumped Colony Cat?

So this cat showed up in my yard a couple of weeks ago.  Jim put traps out immediately but the cat never came back. Ever since then, I’ve been watching a house leave a lot of garbage in our alley, like they’re moving. And I started seeing a lot of cat supplies with the garbage…. Read more »

Clover Wants to Stay Indoors

Clover was adopted off the street by a neighbor last fall. We crossed our fingers that she would want to stay permanently.   Casey, her caregiver, just sent this photo. Thank you, Casey! The adoption is a success! Clover is from the now “retired” Eleanor Rigby Colony. She was the one cat from that colony that did everything… Read more »

Woodrow Whiskers and Berto Were Adopted!

Remember Woodrow Whiskers from the La Vida Lydia Colony? He showed up sick in December. After I fully vetted him he was admitted into Tree House. He was adopted last week. When I called to tell Lydia, his feeder, the good news, she already knew because she tried to visit him! Right now she is also… Read more »

A Valentine’s Day Rescue Story for Cats and Dogs

Last December Heather, Melissa and I TNR’d and rescued 17 cats from the Armando Colony. Eight adult cats were TNReturned to him, and these seven kittens were placed into a no-kill shelter. The kittens were pulled just in time – you can see that some of them are sick here. Armando is an animal lover… Read more »

Portrait of a Well-Fed Colony Cat

I visited the V Colony today and was very happy to see this TNR’d tuxedo cat dining on their steps. Their yard is shoveled and the cats are well-fed. Some of the cats still have chronic URI issues but I’ll just have to keep an eye on them for now. I don’t want to stress out the… Read more »

Shoveling Out the Cat Paths

Nineteen inches is a lot of snow all at once. Jim did most of the heavy shoveling since I was out of town for work and missed the storm.   Mooha helped me with the little bit of shoveling that was left yesterday afternoon. I made sure to clear out the cat paths so that… Read more »