Another Colony Cat Adopted Off the Street

This cat from the Jose and the Pussycats Colony was officially adopted off the street three months ago. I ran into one of the feeders today and she told me the good news. She said a woman kept coming by, and because he was so friendly, she wanted to adopt him. The feeder helped wrangle… Read more »

Feral Cat Saves Woman from Squirrel Attack!

*Disclaimer: Of course no animals or humans were harmed in this series of photos.    I walked out my front door and saw Funny Face, one of my TNR’d colony cats, in the front yard. I hardly noticed the red-tailed menace in the tree. But obviously Funny Face noticed. He hunkered down. And the chase… Read more »

43 Cats and Counting

We’re still not totally sure how many cats and kittens are within the Creole Colony and Danny’s house. Currently Heather and I have counted up to 43 felines that we know about.   But we’ve made a lot of progress the last two weeks. Six more adult cats were spayed/neutered, and ten additional kittens were pulled… Read more »

Feral Cat Colony Maintenance: Treating a Wounded Cat

Neighbors told me they saw kittens in their yard. That in itself is an emergency, so my friend Marta and I set traps all last week.   We scoped out the two locations. These locations were in secure yards, the weather was mild, and there was no set feeding time for the cats. So, we decided… Read more »

Helping Hoarder Houses: Update on the Creole Colony

Last week Tanya took three more cats from Danny’s house to be TNR’d at the clinic. So far we have TNR’d 14 adult cats from inside and outside of his house, and admitted five kittens into a shelter.   This latest round of three cats came from his enclosed back porch. This is a tiny… Read more »

Update on the Chester Colony: Kittens Available for Adoption!

Snowball was the eleventh cat we trapped from the Chester Colony. We wanted to get her the entire time because she looked pregnant, but she held out for another week until Joann finally was able to trap her.   She WAS pregnant. This is the third female adult cat from this colony that we TNR’d, and ALL… Read more »

Introducing the Chester Colony

Alderman Joe Moreno’s office referred me to a woman within our 1st Ward in Chicago who said there were cats spraying in her alley. Almost at the same time, another woman found me online and said there were kittens. She happened to live within a block of the first referral.   Joann and I are teaming up… Read more »

Rescue with Your Neighbors

Yesterday was a great day for rescue here.   Joann and I trapped four cats at the new Chester Colony within an hour. They’re awaiting surgery at the clinic tomorrow. We’re going back to the site tonight hoping to get a few more, but these were the only cats we saw there yesterday. Their feeder,… Read more »

Introducing the Boonie Colony

Melissa has done TNR all around this area for years. She’s moved apartments a few times here and finds cats at each location. We’ve worked on TNR together near the Cell Phones Colony. Her sister has adopted a few cats from there. Even though Melissa no longer lives there, she visits almost daily and replenishes the… Read more »