Three Kittens Available for Adoption at PAWS

Three kittens from the junkyard, Tabitha, Tater and Tilly, are already available for adoption at PAWS Chicago. Just before we admitted them to PAWS last week, a woman named Shannon saw our Facebook posts and came to meet the kittens. She fell in love with Tigger and Tori. Since they’re not listed on PAWS’ site, we’re hoping… Read more »

Ruby Is Now Available for Adoption at Harmony House

When we started helping with TNR on the Kitchen Colony in October, Ruby was there to greet us every time we visited. She would rub up on our legs and beg for pets. Patrice, the colony caregiver, said Ruby showed up this past July and she wanted to find her an indoor home since she was so… Read more »

Seven Kittens Admitted into PAWS Chicago’s Adoption Program

The five KFC Colony kittens that we rescued in October were finally admitted into PAWS Chicago last Thursday.   They’ve come a long way since we first saw them in their junkyard home. Check out how big they’ve gotten since! This was from their last ride to PAWS after a few vet visits. While they… Read more »

Rockstar Pets to the Rescue!

Elissa, owner of Rockstar Pets – a doggy daycare, has been fostering and socializing Clara and Darren, two kittens we trapped in mid-October.   They were very scared when we first got them and needed human interaction immediately so that they could eventually be adopted out. Elissa has lots of socialization experience and started immediately…. Read more »

Kittens Growing Up in Their New Home

Smokey and Samantha are kittens from the Kitchen Colony that Patrice trapped before we met and started helping her.   She found a foster home for them, and is now happy to report they are foster failures! The fosterer decided to adopt them together. In the meantime their brother, Crunchy, required surgery for his broken… Read more »

Update on the Rockstar Colony

The Rockstar Colony lost their home two years ago. It was torn down and the feeders moved away. This is pretty common – the KFC Colony last month lost their home as we started TNR. You just have to find help for the cats from somewhere else, a lot of times close by.   A… Read more »

Wally One Year Later

Wally showed up sick in the V Colony last summer. The first vet I took him to told me to euthanize him. The second vet tested him as FeLV+, and told me to give him a chance anyways.   I’m glad I found the second vet and listened to him. Wally ended up beating the… Read more »

All Kittens Deserve a Professional Photo Shoot

Clara and Darren are kitten siblings, about 9-10 weeks old, that we’re getting ready for adoption. We trapped them from the Kitchen Colony.   My friend Mr. King is a professional photographer and offered his services. Thank you, Mr. King! Be sure to check out his site.   I can’t stop looking at these photos!… Read more »

Brother from Another Mother

Otherwise known as “Poses with Pink Noses.”   Frostie wants to help find homes for all of our foster kittens!   Here he is helping us network Tigger. Or maybe he wants to adopt a little brother for himself?

Thanks to Eliya and Mary for the Cat Food Donation!

Eliya and Mary adopted Frostie Mac Creamsicle when he showed up in the Jose and the Pussycats Colony in 2013.   Frostie was clearly friendly right away. He also had a head wound that was treated. His trapping was immortalized forever in this TNR video.   Eliya and Mary donated extra cat food they bought to help… Read more »